A&E Staff Event

Redefining the Definition of Meeting


A+E teamed up with Gradient to reimagine their yearly staff meeting. To do this, Gradient created a unique celebration that embodied the essence of their newest brand message at all touch points.


Held at the Duggal Warehouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the 1,200 attendees arrived by boat and bus for the conference led by Nancy Dubuc, the President and CEO of A+E Networks. As guests mingled, each element of the decor communicated the new Brand Values: a commissioned artist painted the brands’ inspirational values around the room, while the lighting design saturated the walls and ceilings to mimic the brand colors while highlighting the structural elements of the unique venue.


“[…] we were up some major hurdles between timing, budget and everything else in between. […] the event really came together – it was fabulous and everyone is still talking about it!”

Terrie Pologianis, A&E Director, Corporate & Public Affairs