An Experience Made for the Trade


GRADIENT started collaborating with Basil Hayden’s Inter Agency Team for months before the first event, strategizing the experiential element within an integrated “Sipping Companions” campaign. Tasked with the goal of reaching trade to ultimately boost sales in 5 target markets, GRADIENT worked in tandem with all agency partners to implement the tour and reach goals.


With the approach “hospitality meets craftsmanship through the lens of Basil Hayden’s” Bourbon Among Friends” was born – a series of trade events that brings the spirit of generous hosting to life, designed to encourage bartenders to recommend Basil Hayden’s as a bourbon made for sharing. Each event was highly localized, hosted by a local influencer and centered around a local maker who shared a unique item created to better share Basil Hayden’s. Modular event assets and decor were created to maximize budgets and create a visual baseline for each highly localized event.


As part of the integrated program, the localized program increased sales 37% in targeted markets.