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Taking fitness to new heights


Reebok wanted to show people that fitness is something that can be done anywhere, at any time by taking the Reebok CrossFit Games to an unexpected location in New York City. Reebok looked to Gradient to find the perfect location in New York City to “wow” press and consumers alike. 


Gradient helped Reebok take fitness to new heights by scouting the perfect venue – The top of the Empire State Building. Champions Rich Froning Jr. and Annie Thorisdottir, the Fittest Man and Woman on Earth™, led two teams of CrossFit athletes through a Workout of the Day 1,050 feet above the streets of New York City for a once in a lifetime experience.


The Workout of the Day, held at 4:00a.m. on the 1,050ft high outdoor observation deck, was a real-life demonstration of CrossFit®, the well known revolutionary strength and conditioning program.