Rhône Valley Wines - Gradient | Experiential Marketing
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Rhône Valley Wines

Bringing an immersive event to life by reinventing the future of wine tasting.


Rhone Valley Wines makes a simple promise to its customers. Wherever they are, the wine makes it better. But it’s an idea that’s hard to convey in a traditional wine tasting. We knew we had to create an experience that delivered on the brand’s promise.


It’s Not Just the Wine. It’s the Experience.

The laws of time and space dictated that we couldn’t physically transport people across the world in one evening. But by recreating that experience in a single event, we could offer Rhone’s guests more than wine—we could give them a complete experience.

Around the World in Four Courses

We designed and built a completely immersive experience that took guests on a journey through winter in Scandinavia, summer in Mexico, spring in Japan, and fall in New York City. A four-course meal prepared by Chef Russell Jackson highlighted each distinct region and season. And a custom designed projection box added texture to the experience.


The Wine Tasting Felt round the World

We created more global brand awareness for Rhone Valley Wines—and because the Odyssey Experience was so unique, it created a ton of buzz in a traditionally conservative industry.