The Skateroom x Paul Mccarthy - Gradient | Experiential Marketing
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The Skateroom x Paul Mccarthy

Creating an emotional experience


The Skateroom collaborates with internationally renowned contemporary artists to produce artistic limited edition skateboards. The proceeds of these unique skateboards are utilized to fund Skateistan’s non profit projects, which empower youth through skateboarding and art. The legendary artist, Paul McCarthy, selected 10 of his famous PROPO photographs for his collaboration with the Skateroom to produce a limited edition collection of 250 skateboards per visual. The aim of the collection was to entirely finance the building of Skateistan’s first skate school in Central Johannesburg, Africa. The quota to build this groundbreaking facility was $200,000. The evening intended to create an unprecedented experience for a group of influential guests and media to learn about both The Skateroom and the collection.


From nothing to everything

Inspired by skateboarding as well as Paul McCarthy’s past projects involving suitcases and trunks, the entire concept was based on the idea of creating a “Traveling Experience”. To match the concept of the Skateroom, the Museum of Modern Art was chosen as the venue of the event. Since the museum is opened to the public until 8pm and the event was scheduled to begin at 8.30pm, our team conceptualized an event that would “spontaneously” build up in front of all 400 guests, Additionally, in order to professionally present all the skateboards while maintaining the skater theme, we hired models that fit the theme and aesthetic of the organization, featuring an empty room. However, as the room was packed with guests, the Dj was rolled in from the back of the museum. The AV crew set up the lighting for the event and street-clothed models guided in eight flight cases, which opened simultaneously to reveal the artwork. The music intensified and custom made flight case bars were wheeled around the venue, serving champagne and wine to the guests.


Over 400 guests enjoyed the event while simultaneously learning about the Skateroom’s mission, as well as having the opportunity the purchase the boards themselves. The event received significant media attention, having been featured on Vice, Cool Hunting, NY Skateboarding, BFANYC,, Fashion Week Daily, Hypebeast and more.