Tiffany & Company

A Magical Masterpiece


To celebrate the unveiling of an 18-month renovation project, GRADIENT produced the reopening of Tiffany & Co’s Beverly Hill flagship store and introduced the 2016 Masterpieces jewelry collection.


Focus the celebration on the Tiffany & Co woman and the empowerment the brand creates when women are adorned with their stunning creations.  To highlight the creativity of the brand, the event drew upon the luxury brand’s artistic assets. Through an abstract and spectacular display of sound, light, and movement, we transformed 210 N. Rodeo Drive into a physical and sensory experience of what Tiffany & Co would be if it had a form. Through projection mapping, the facade of the new flagship store was transformed into a spectacle of shooting stars and cut-diamonds, which became the stage for a quintet of dancers. The conclusion of the dance performance revealed a final surprise: Ariana Grande took the stage and performed for the star-studded audience.


The creative performance attracted stars such as Liam Hemsworth, Kate Hudson, Jack Huston, Jennifer Garner, and Rachel Roy. Covered in media outlets from the LA Times, and W Magazine, to InStyle, the event gained immense traction for its creative approach and immersive experience. 

A week later, GRADIENT designed and produced a scaled down version of the LA event at New York’s iconic Gotham Hall. Interpreting the spirit of the Beverly Hills event, we reused assets created for Rodeo Drive and transformed Gotham Hall for a dazzling evening featuring a performance by Matthew Morrison.