New York City


Universal Studios tasked Gradient with bringing to life the anticipated world of “Fifty Shades Darker”, and to leverage a unique press and influential fans for an event experience and book signing with E.L. James. And all with a very short three week timeline.


Inspired by the bawdy subject matter of the film, gradient executed a once in a lifetime opportunity for mega-fans to “live like Anastasia for a night”. The authentically elevated event contained 3 decorated rooms stemmed from the film; Christian Grey’s penthouse, a masquerade ball, and the red room. The party allowed fans to be waited on by masked men, get makeovers by the “Fifty Shades Darker” lead makeup artist Rosaline da Silva, view the beautifully displayed costumes guided by the costume designer Shay Cunliffe, listen to a book reading from a masked man in the famous red room, attend a much anticipated Q&A with the author e.L. James and to exclusively watch the unrated edition of the evening’s celebrated film.



People Reached

The luxurious and elegant experience engaged audiences in the digital world. Press and fans dove into the experience, and were transported into the world of Christian and Anastasia.

4.3M reach
22.2k engagement