ZTE - Gradient | Experiential Marketing
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Impactful Product Launch


Create a powerful and emotionally-charged experience for the launch of the ZTE ZMax Pro at the Hudson Mercantile building. Taking over multiple floors, the event needed to create a flow for guests, from a pre-reveal cocktail party, to a well-orchestrated reveal moment, to a press conference and finally a unique high-value celebration.


Information and Entertainment

Using as a common thread the then-unique fingerprint sensor functionality of the new phone, GRADIENT guided guests through the multiple floors with a showcase of fingerprint textured gobos. Once arrived at the reveal, a kabuki drop provided a dramatic moment of a suddenly-visibly circular display showcasing the product.  Finally, after a well-structured press conference, the celebration ended on the rooftop featuring the band Chairlift, and a large Phablet ZMax Pro screen that allowed guests to send snapchats from the roof with the iconic skyline in the background, highlighting the brand’s technical superiority at every turn.


Hand-picked guests, all members of the tech media or influencers, were delighted by the event. They learned everything about the product and were educated about the brand while enjoying different entertaining activities to experience the product themselves. The product was reviewed in a number of different specialized and more general websites and garnered a large number of media impressions.