Impact you can actually feel

We are a creative experiential agency, at the crossroads of experience design, strategic social media strategy and experienced production.
We create emotional connections and shareable moments for measurable impact. Build it to connect, and make sure it’s shared.
Everything else is just white noise.

Experiential Marketing

We connect brands and people with
the most powerful tool out there—emotion.
From that Experience, customers become Evangelists. 


Event Design & Production

Big ideas are exciting.
Making them happen is even better.
We make them happen.



We believe the best way to market a product is to let your audience experience it.

Don’t believe us? Believe the facts:

Consumers said they purchased the brand's product or service after an event at a later date.

- EMI & Mosaic

Event attendees say they have a more positive opinion about the brand being promoted after the event.

- EMI & Mosaic

Brands say that their event and experiential programs are directly related to sales.

- EMI & Mosaic

Our Clients