With Our Minds
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Our Approach

For us, experiential marketing takes a combination of head first, data-driven planning and heartfelt execution. The result engages customers, sparks conversations and leaves lasting impression.

Build an event around a company or product and 96% of customers are more likely to buy. Craft a campaign around that event and the sky’s the limit. We do both, and in the process, we amplify brands.

What Makes Us Tick

We’re a group of creative thinkers, designers, and producers dedicated to amplifying brands through experiences.

Whether it’s physical or digital, built or imagined, connections count. No matter the medium or scale, we believe that products and brands work when they communicate with customers on a deeper level and create the emotional connections that speak louder than words.


Anthony Coppers

Founder & Chief Creative Officer
If you want another point of view and an unexpected experiential vision, he’s your guy.
Fun Fact: Art runs in the family: Son of two photographers and brother of an artist.
Nationality: Belgian American

Pauline Oudin

Managing Director & Partner
Makes the ship sail smoothly
Fun Fact: Has a Cordon Bleu Cooking degree
Nationality: French American

Colin McKenzie

Head of Account Services & Partner
Want to get attention and feel some Gradient love?
Fun Fact: Got married wearing a kilt
Nationality: British

Kyra Taurman

Creative Director & Junior Partner
She sets the mood – from the initial concept to the tiny details that matter
Fun Fact: Creates art using nailpolish and makeup
Nationality: American

Jeremy Rumeld

Head of Operations & Junior Partner
This is where it actually gets done. On time. On Budget. Zero stress for the client.
Fun Fact: Started in the company as in intern
Nationality: American

Jazmine Malik

Finance Director
Transparency and clarity in all budgets so clients always know where they stand
Fun Fact: Studied fashion
Nationality: American

Our Office

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