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20th Century Fox Turbo Stunt

Large Scale Stunt in Manhattan


Gradient produced a stunt for 20th Century Fox and DreamWorks Animation for the theatrical release of TURBO. We aimed to promote the family-friendly film via a large scale stunt in the middle of Manhattan.


Fun for the whole Family

Gradient designed and engineered a massive version of skee-ball to help promote the film. Our team created a technical rigging structure over four days that would winch five massive fabricated snails up the facade of the building at Rockefeller Plaza. A social media campaign was integrated into the stunt, which included utilizing one of the film’s stars, Ryan Reynolds, and Matt Lauer along with other members of the Today Show.


The stunt was filmed and broadcast live across the country on the Today Show. Viewers across the country has the opportunity to watch A-list stars compete in a fun wholesome game, which engaged the audience while still promoting the film. Overall, the thematically appropriate stunt garnered over 208M total media impressions